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Notifications Define?


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   I'd like to request the addition of a new define on the modded servers that have a notification drop down. "Define Notifications" or something along those lines. We're getting a lot of new players on the servers, and a large majority don't know how to use the notification system. It'd be nice if we had a short and sweet few sentences that tell players how to access and use this system, as opposed to having to tell someone different every few minutes, how to do it.

   I'm not going to lie, the system is a tad unintuitive as it stands. It still tends to do the thing where it will occasionally free your mouse, causing you to not be able to look around untill you clear notifications. As a new player I would be extremely confused if this happened to me. It also seems a little tedious having to constantly explain how to do trade and teleport requests/notifications. 

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