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Banned AU Pure: Bradkley


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Offender: Bradkley  BattleMetrics  Steam
Server: AU Pure
Time: 17 Sep 2021 @12:24am AEST (16 Sep 2021 @ 2:24pm UTC)
Length: Permanent
Reason: Repeated stealing after being warned
More Info (Optional):
Bradkley spoke spanish (language barrier). After posting a no stealing PSA translated into spanish, Bradkley was observed trying to get into another player's base. After being sent 2 in game messages in spanish to leave the base, Bradkley found, and accessed, an unlocked large storage box inside the base, located under a barred window. Bradkley was kicked & stolen items returned. Console warning (translated into spanish given), and Bradkley was teleported away from the base. Bradkley logged back in, and immediately returned to the same base & went for the same window again. After being told clearly by me NO, Bradkley stole the same items from the same box again. Bradkley banned as they clearly did not intend to follow the server rules, or try to understand what the problem was. There was no attempt at communicating with me.



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