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US Scourge Event: The Great Christmas Tree Challenge of 2021!


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Welcome to The Great Christmas Tree Challenge of 2021!


When: Starting NOW, until Thursday, December 2 at 1PM EST (just before wipe).

Where: US Scourge

This multi-part challenge may be difficult, but is very rewarding. Every player that completes all parts of the challenge will receive ONE fully decorated Christmas tree this wipe (November) and ONE fully decorated Christmas tree next wipe (December). This is a great way to get a head start on your festive decorating!

How it works:

There are SEVEN parts to this challenge. All must be completed in order to receive prizes. Everyone who completes all seven parts will get prizes.

You must complete the parts of the challenge in order, and complete all parts.

The starting location will be posted in this topic. At the end of each part, there will be a dropbox. Players must enter their in-game name on a note and submit it in the dropbox at the end of each challenge to receive prizes. In case you forget to bring a note or wood with you, there will be boxes as well with empty notes.

IMPORTANT: It is very important that you double check that the note actually saved before submitting! To do this, write on the note, then click to something else in your inventory. If the note has saved properly, it will still show the writing, and you should be okay to submit it.

Players from other servers are more than welcome to join and participate. Just be sure to write on the note which server you would like your prizes on.


  • Do not bring anything that you do not want to risk losing. If you get stuck, lost, or die in a challenge, you will not be assisted by me or any another admin.
  • Bring food, healing items, a light source, and a blank note.
  • Place a bed, bag, or towel first so that you can /home if necessary, or to one of the free world teleport points at the quarries, Bandit, and Outpost, in case you get stuck or need to leave.
  • Each part of the challenge will have signage inside. Please read it to make sure you are at the right part of the challenge, and are following the instructions. If you cannot see any signs, hit escape, go to Options, and toggle HIDE SIGNS to ON and then OFF again.
  • If there are any questions or concerns, please message me on Discord at alexanightfire#2115 and I will do my best to assist you.

Good luck everyone!

*Special thanks to the makers of the Christmas Tree Onslaught on US Pure back in 2019, who inspired me to do something similar.*

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  • Staff
20 minutes ago, Sgttuggle said:

items in backpack is ok correct


Yep! Backpack is fine and safe. These are not organized events with the /event commands, so everyone is free to try them as they wish until wipe.

Only the two parkour challenges should really pose any risk of death, but I wanted to add a bit of a disclaimer just in case.  🙂

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