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Gigiotto Banned EU Scourge

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Offender: Gigiotto Battlemetrics Steam
Server: EU Scourge
Time: 15:55
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding/Looting 
More Info (Optional): Gigiotto was reported in chat as other players had discovered him inside a base which didn't belong to him. On inspection there was a wall either removed or destroyed, he had placed his own TC inside and had looted a number of boxes and had also left various loot items on the ground despawning. At that point I sent an F1 warn command to tell him that kind of behaviour  is unacceptable and to please read the rules using /rules. I decided to follow up the warn by speaking to the player in game to make sure he understood the message as I had noticed on BM that he is Italian. 

During my conversation with him it was revealed he had also raided a further 4 bases. He did say sorry but he also said it was too easy to get into players bases and inferred it was their fault that they had been raided.  

while I was investigating the full extent of the damage caused by Gigiotto, his neighbour spoke to me to tell me he had helped Gigiotto out with some supplies when he first joined but had since been raided twice by him, one of those times half of his base had been destroyed. I confirmed Gigiotto had been inside the base as there had been a set of stairs placed with his name attached to them while hovering over it with the uber hammer. 

Another player who had been stolen from was online and had explained Gigiotto had somehow gained access, removed his TC and stolen a number of items including the boxes he had stored them in. The only evidence I could find of Gigiottis presence was a door frame that had been placed with his name/ID attached.

The other players whose bases had been raided were all offline but I found his name on a couple of walls inside one of those bases along with his ID in the logs on a storage box.

Gigiotto also admitted to raiding a base and upon viewing it I discovered all that remained were just a few foundations and a sleeper, I can only assume the rest had decayed as the TCs Gigiotto was placing in other bases were not being fed materials for upkeep.

Due to the sheer scale of the serious damage caused and loot lost and seeing that the player hadn't taken full responsibility for his actions instead placing it on his victims for not doing enough to prevent him, I decided to escalate his warn straight to a ban.

14:17 Gigiotto: a wall near elicopter was broken

14:17 Gigiotto: and i enter here

14:18 Gigiotto: there is a mount of bases built with a basic wood and it's easy to broke it

14:33 Gigiotto: it's too easy to broke

15:14 Gigiotto: i take a loot from a base, and i think the guy here was a cheater

Despite the fact I told him in his warn that if it doesn't belong to him then he should leave it alone he still didn't understand

14:52 Gigiotto: if i found abbandoned bases can i take the stuff from it?













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