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How To become Verified and get your ranks on Discord.


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Before starting this guide is assuming that you have linked your discord account to your RustEZ account. If not fear not just skip the first step and you will be fine.

(The steps below are for the Pc discord App, if your using the discord browser or phone app the steps may not work. )

1) lets start by disconnecting your Discord account from your  RustEZ account. Head over to your Account setting using this link https://rustez.com/settings/ or using the dropdown arrow after your name on the top right of the site. 

Navigate to the discord settings or use this short cut: https://rustez.com/settings/login/?service=17

Now click the sign out button on the right, as seen in the image. Discordintergration.jpg


2) Reconnect to our discord using this link https://discord.gg/rustez, or you will find the link on the bottom of any RustEZ webpage it is the shape of the discord icon. Go ahead and click join RustEZ

join discord.jpg


3) Now were in the RustEZ discord there are a few things we need to click. Start by clicking on the continue button and read and accept the discord rules. click complete.jpgDiscord rules.jpg



4) Now were in the sever now its time to get the verified role.  On the left channel list there should be a channel verify-here click this channel and you will see a message from Wick. Under the Verification Required message is a verify button click this to become Verified and gain the role to the server. 

Verify here.jpg


5) At this point you have Visitor role. Time to now connect your discord to your  RustEZ account. On the left click on the welcome channel at the top. Looking for the link in the Becoming Verified https://rustez.com/discord/invite/Link/ click on this link and enter your current discord log in. At this point you should be now fully connected with both discord and the RustEZ website. You can verify this by returning to your account settings and you will see your discord is connected.Screenshot 2022-01-27 165825.jpg

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