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US Pure Ban - Mike

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Offender: Mike        (Battlemetrics)         (Steam Profile)
Server: US Pure
Time: 2:39 AM (eastern)
Length: Permanent 
Reason: Raiding, Base Griefing.
More Info (Optional):

A player requested an admin because they were missing items from a base they built. 

Upon investigating I found that Mike placed a TC at the reporting players base taking it over and placing an additional door and lock. Mike stole items from the players storage boxes. I issued a console warning informing them that raiding, stealing harassing and griefing of players, bases as well as modes of transport are all against the rules and bannable offences. 

Mike then went to a secondary players base that was missing a TC and placed his own to take the base over directly after receiving the warning and was informed and knew that placing a tool cupboard at another players base and taking over player bases is griefing and against the rules. 

Mike then went to another players base that was missing a couple windows and jumped through the window and started to raid the base.

Because Mike was issued warnings and given every opportunity to play within RustEZ's rules and showed complete disregard for them and continued to raid and steal form players and bases and his attempts to take over player bases even after warnings proves they have no respect for the game progression of other players and no intentions of following the servers rules. 

A permanent ban was issued at that time.








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