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Roomys's AU Survival Shop Rustistics


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Hey all,

So my first shop on the AU server went well. As a fun part of the game to keep me entertained I put together some accurate and non accurate statistics. These will be improved as I progress further in peddling my wares. For now, these have been broken down into basic categories to keep it simple stupid (KISS)

1. Shop cost to create - Not much at all eh - Wood, scraps this and that
2. First sold item - Weapon Flashlight - 25scrap (winning)
3. Most sold item - (cough) Quarry - I now have way too many gears
4. Most unsold item - Pistol bullet (Fun fact 7k where left day before wipe which = 13794 frags & 6897 gun powder)
5. Very popular item, until i realized and then the buyer realized i hiked up the price  - HE Grenade (stick to 5 scrap each mate)
6. Guns are popular in the beginning (read beninging -> youtube that) and not so much at the end of wipe - 650ish recycled at end of wipe
7. Weapon attachments are very popular - even the muzzle break! (God only knows) - 35 sold
8. Having a scrap for your parts shop is very important (although RIP Recycled 180 gears) gave away around 2.5k in scrap
9. Dont think the animals are not perusing your shop, they are, they bite and you run - Death count probably 4 times
10. In total around 35k of scrap was made, thank you all for the support on AU Survival. Looking for to the next Roomy's Spaza Shop for your Cheap Ass Guns.

Peace out team, looking forward to the new Survival map!

Roomys (Room Ace)

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