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LAST WIPE AND THIS WIPE AIRDROPS ARE NOT RANDOM THEY HAVE THE SAME ITEMS IN GUNS ;HELMETS;ASSORTED SHOT GUNSHELLS AMMO ALL DIFFERENT COLOURS AND GRENADES (8at a time)last wipe bought approx 20 airdrops 1 a day vip thats 50 say 20 dont have grenades that is still 240 grenades who the hell needs 240 grenades thers no refineries,furnaces,turbines,ceiling lights ect can we have the airdrops back to what they were RANDOM CONTENTS we are paying good money for unwanted rubbish


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I think a point Chillman missed out was that he plays on EU Pure.

So once a gun and ammo has been acquired on day one then bears, wolfs etc are not a problem.  For the next 30 days or so every drop continues to produce guns, ammo and armour.   These are then of little use after the day 1 drop given the servers are non aggressive and more about being creative and chilling.  Serious players will acquire one way or another the guns they need to ncp or heli.

The vending machine selling market has been almost wiped out on selling the above classes of items given the saturation of availability.

with a lot of the focus from players using the pure servers being on crafting, creativity, farming crops etc etc the old air drop cycle provided a lot of most welcomed items or materials to help a player.  So whilst the airdrop focusing on guns/ammo/armour suits one type of server where there is a lot of action and being aggressive/under attack.  The sleepy pure servers do not require this level of focused air drops on particular items when players are focused on farming crops, creative buildings, shop keepers and in general being friendly to each other.

Best wishes 


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I just recycle everything in my airdrops after the first day basically and I just consider standard airdrops a resource drop versus actual loot. I feel the vending machine market crashes after the first few days on any PVE server. Without PVP players do not lose resources/items to other players and even on Pure it is not hard to get everything you need on the first day or two of the server. Aside from the new player that joins later in wipe I feel very few need to purchase from vending machines after the first few days of wipe. Changing loot tables will not change this substantially in my opinion.

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