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Snowmobile flares


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Because why not?

Why it should be a flare:

The server only spawns 1 every (half an) hour-ish.

Players are waiting for hours to get one.

Toxic players can easily steal/destroy them unless stored behind lock.

It will be funny to summon one on the flightpath of the Chinook and make it crash.


Copy paste the code for Mini copter flare, rename to Snowmobile, change the spawned object identifier, add to /shop for 1K networth. Done.

I bet you can't do it under 5 minutes. 😚😛


What do you guys think? Post below 😋


Kind regards,



EU Scourge

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  • Staff

Yes! Having 1 base for all the Snow Mobiles is definitely rough. I'm sure there are players who are hoarding them which makes it extra difficult to obtain them. There is a novelty with them currently and has made the extra desirable.

Would like to see them as drops so players can own them properly, and have a protection plugin to stop non-owners from mounting as a driver.

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A new one every half hour or so is around 40/day for the duration of the wipe - that's over a thousand in total.... Is there a limit to the maximum number the server can sustain?

How about both options? Leave the wild spawns but add a signal for buying one. I haven't found them difficult to obtain on EU survival (although I think we're a lower pop server) but if you can't find one and really want one then you'd have the option of buying it.

Chinook bombing does sound fun mind you 😄

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  • Staff

Good points. And after the first few days you can tell less players have been going to the Arctic research base, and most of the hidden toxic players have been removed thankfully.

Our lovely admins (💚) have also created a storage where players can put the snowmobiles if they're going to the other biomes.

It's not really an issue to get one currently on EU servers. Though on Scourge we don't tend to take the seemingly abandoned ones in case the owner left it there on purpose. Having them as a flare after smacking them would keep them from being another entity in the area that has to load.

No idea how it is on the AU/US servers, though I expect the same issues start waning there as well as the wipe progresses.

We'll see what the future will bring. 🤗

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I have had no issues getting them on AU Scourge so far. Just about every time I have been to the Artic base there has been at least 1 there. Nice idea for a flare though if it is not too hard to do. The convenience in case you live far away from the artic base in a different snow biome would be nice. Being able to hammer them when not in use is a bonus


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