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Delayed introduction to Dave40262000


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This is a bit delayed as I have been on EZ servers for over 2 months now. My name is Dave obviously, and I am an ancient gamer (51yrs old) that started playing Rust around a year ago after stumbling across a Youtube video about making a toxic kid cry. I have racked up around 700 hours in game since then, but have struggled to find a server that I felt comfortable with. My initial servers were official and did not go well. I then discovered modded servers and transitioned to solo/duo servers that were lower pop. The problems I had with those was the challenge to find a monthly wipe schedule plus it felt like I was essentially playing alone since they tended to be dead. I spent a few months on my own private server so that it would only wipe on a monthly basis, but I missed interacting with other players. A few months back I decided to search for some PVE servers and found an article with the top PVE servers in Rust ( https://www.ghostcap.com/rust-pve-servers/ ) and EZ servers was on the list. I joined mid wipe and it was quite the change from what I was accustomed to seeing on other servers. After about a week of getting my feet under me and learning how all the various mods worked, I felt I had found my new home. I really enjoy the community that has been built here and all the positive interaction without the toxicity you find elsewhere. Not having to stress about PVP while being able to interact with other players has breathed new life into this game for myself. 

You will find me currently on AU Scourge, but may see me on US or EU Scourge as well.


p.s. Mods let me know if I need to delete the link since it references other servers....

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