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Twig Bases - why?


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I know this horse has been beaten to death multiple times, but I do not understand why people build massive twig bases. Why not upgrade them to at least wood? It's not because of the cost since it is pretty simple to get enough wood in just one day to last the entire wipe with just one trade of stone/wood at Outpost. If twig is one of the causes of lag, why not give a time limit to upgrade it to a higher tier (24-48 hours?). I saw someone complain in chat yesterday that a heli base was built too close to their twig farm. I suggested they upgrade and they said they could not afford it. I did not comment further, but I was about to trade in 300K stone that I had from the previous day. I am only on for a few hours per day, but having the quarries running 24/7, one 30 minute farm run with an ore tea, and 30 minutes of excavator running stone and I had over 400K of stone.  Resources are NOT hard to get on a PVE server and should not be used as an excuse to not upgrade your builds to a higher tier. Do your server a favor and upgrade please.

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