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Hello Lanna here. I play on your US server, i have a few Suggestions i would like to drop your way along to the Admins way. 

1. It starts with our server having events, something we already do and I LOVE IT! just wish to have more lol, perhaps as it was brought to my attention perhaps wipe day a zombie attack across the table where everyone groups up to defend the server and since the server wipes sadly no one makes it lol. 

2. Since Rust has an air port its only natural to have Air Planes, this is something i would enjoy to see added, perhaps it comes with a shoot just incase 😛

3. Buy plots " this is something that could perhaps work?" have the server set where on day one everyone starts off with X amount of funds, each square on the map is divided into smaller squares called plots, each plot cost X amount, this would do many things, such as slow the massive builds down and at the same time give the player something to work towards, perhaps remove out posts and have the admins create a type of faction and players pick one of the X amount of factions, each faction is in a zone you are allowed to build in? 

4. Zombies with weapons would be cool to have if everyone would be up for it?

5. perhaps pets? like a dog or a cat? 

6. This idea would be cool, to have a Movie Projector that streamers could use to stream and post up so it would create a movie theater? ( sounds like a pain and im sure it would be but streamers around the world would rejoice! ) lol 

7. perhaps a way to raise sheep or some type of animal to harvest food? ( peta dose not approve ) 

8. I along with other players have seen in chat the website or Discord servers then as players we have to write it down then go, it would be cool to have a sign at spawn with a clickable word that takes you right to it.

9.With the boom box now Available, and stations already picked, it would be cool to be able to do one of two things, 1. being able to place a players own music/podcast channel or pick channels to play, granted i understand some channels are questionable perhaps have it set where if players were to play something that is not allowed server admins would be able to get the code of said channel and add it to a BAN list, this could allow players to create a play list of music they enjoy ? or podcasts they enjoy?

10. we have fog, rain,snow how about floods? or Tornadoes? tossing wood that players could pick up?  

Thank you for taking the time to whom reads this and i have TONS of ideas but have zero know how unlike you Death, i truly enjoy this US server and look forward to all new updates that are to come!

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1. Events are awesome but take a lot of setup. Even with admin tools, it can take a long time to setup just one event.

2. I want to say there were (or talks about) parachutes at one point? The only planes currently in game are the ones that drop off airplanes and those don't even actually exist. Just pictures. They aren't physical. So anything like that would have to be completely custom.

3. That would fall under limiting player builds and has been repeatedly stated that they won't do that. Interesting idea though.

4. Zombies used to have melee weapons. Zombie AI was completely broken by Facepunch. What Scourge has is completely custom. But to be frank, give a zombie a weapon, it's not really a zombie anymore. But custom NPC's are def doable.

5. I wanna say I saw something about pets in an upcoming update by Facepunch?

6. Show someone's stream in game? Not even sure that's possible.

7. There is a plugin kinda like that but unlikely to be used. Plugins don't always like each other. Some break every new update. It's a huge hassle.

8. There is a link to the discord on the bottom of this website if you click the discord icon.

9. Facepunch purposely took out the option for players to be able to add stations for that exact reason. To much bad stuff out there. Anything added has to be added by Death.

10. I play on another server besides EZ that has floods. They are absolutely pointless. You sit around and wait for it to end. Tornadoes... Oof. One comes around and destroys player builds. People would be soooo pissed.

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