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Me, myself, and I


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Lanna here, 


  i am an old dude that started playing pong many many moons ago. I have alot of people say oh wow your old and you play games? Pshhh back in my day we just said "oh .. thats cool" 


Sadly i play alone, i have been working on my wife to play ( though we would have to get another PC ) my kiddo plays from time to time however plays other games * insert eye roll here *

I have always been one to talk ideas, rather its about games, or music maybe how things look when it comes to culture foods ect.  Not everyone can handle me, and that's okay, i have been told i come across "pushy" just note i do not mean to come across "pushy" at all. I enjoy gaming Community's to meet people and talk, again i love to talk lol. I have not played rust for very long myself though my wife i believe has tried on a pvp server once mind you she is not into pvp, and my kiddo plays. I write and play music as a hobby along with blacksmithing and metal detecting you know " old people stuff" lol. I have been all over the US since the age of 12 and that has turned me into who i am today someone who enjoys to meet people. My wife and i are saving to go back packing across Eastern Europe in the next couple years from now. Ive taken flying lessons and also a little bit of classes for my AMP though flying is way cooler than working on them lol .

I do not believe mars is the place to start when it comes to off planet living i would have picked the moon for starters but hey lol who am i. I enjoy to discuss ideas and try to come up with Solutions for said idea. I am 100% a dreamer my latest idea prior to the game talks is to have a old Pirate looking boat where you would take a booze cruise have a boat out in the middle of the ocean using lifts have a epic battle where the boat "sinks" leaving you the victor drink down to an island booze it up for a few days singing "now we are ready to sail for the horn" along that line lol the Pirate adventure. my friends say i am nuts, but am i ? lol

I work nights right now so its rare to see my on during the day, however 11pm EST every other weekend i am on for sure. i could go on but ill leave it up for the chats we will have lol 

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