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Multilingual Rules post for both Admins and Players


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RustEZ is getting more popular and draws people of all walks, ages and cultures from all over the world.

Some of the players have a poor grasp of English and will no doubt find themselves being confronted with a rule they might have accidentally broken due to ignorance. Not everyone will show due diligence and Google-translate the rules before jumping into the server.

As I've witnessed myself, in such situations admins/helpful players tend to use google translate in order to make the rules clear to the new players. And they have to do this with each situation where a non-english speaker might need attention.

I believe it would be far simpler to have a pinned Multilingual Rule topic from where both admins and players can copy/paste the rules in one of more common languages. Besides english I've seen a lot of spanish, portuguese, french, polish, dutch, russian, german, arabic, chinese, pig-latin, klingon and so on in the chat. Having them translated in the same format as the english ones under /rules will also keep them uniform.

Admins who don't speak the other languages might be able to use this within a warning pop-up as well. That way would also immediately make sure any rule breakers can't claim ignorance, and will probably help in de-escalating any ongoing situations faster.

I'm sure that there are enough regular bi-lingual players as well to help give proper translations for the more common global languages.

Kind regards,


Note: this is only a suggestion meant for translating the rules as they are under /rules to improve the overall accessibilty. Please refrain from any off-topic commentary like which rules need changing or clarifying. There are existing threads regarding those topics.



Why waste space. Here's the Dutch translation:

Help Center -Reglement

1. Geen spelerbases overvallen, spelers lastig vallen of enige vorm van stelen.

2. Geen chat spam, speler disrespect of pesterijen, racisme of politiek.

3. Niet kamperen in loot- (buit) kamers, monumenten of andere druk bezochte plaatsen.

4. Je mag in grotten bouwen, zolang er maar vrije doorgang is voor andere spelers.

5. Je mag geen monumenten, publieke gebieden of waterwegen blokkeren. Rivieren mag zolang ze niet voor transportverkeer worden gebruikt.

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Adding onto the topic.
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I like this idea. Possible to add /rules in native languages for people.


Like for a German: /Regeln

Dutch: /reglement or native speakers feel free to correct with better alternatives

Etc... Or something along the lines of /rulesde /rulesfr just so players with little to grasp of English have a way to even access them in game.


I would like to see an update to the info tab in the future that adds language flags to switch the language of the info page and have it translated into French, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish 





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