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Perm. ban appeal

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I would like to appeal for the perm ban removal.

Well the thing is, i got baned for having a bad name as my nickname, im really sorry about that.

The explanasion is that, i was joking around and playing csgo at the time, in i put my nick on steam as a bad name, just for fun, i newer intented to play the name on any other game or be ofensive, it was just a joke. After playing one match in cs i got called out and intented to change it, but i guess i got distacted somewere along that and frogot, after a while i went on your serwer and wanted to play but once i got on i got insta perm ban, i imeditly knew my problem and changed my nick, but it was too late and the dameg was done, Im really sorry and apologize about that, I swere im not toxit or mean im werry friendly and helpfull to new players, its just the mistake i made. Pleas unban me, i promis to be NEWER do it again. I really like to play on your serev and i made a lot of friends there. Again im really sorry. Pleas look in to my case im wiling to help in any way.


Thank you for readind.

Alsos english isint my first language, im sorry about any misspeld words.

STeam nick reksis16.


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I thought a pick would be good.
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  • Staff

Thank you in taking part of our ban appeals process.

With the current cancel culture in the world, racism in all aspects of society is being closely scrutinized.  While we do understand that it still heavily permeates music, comedy, movies, and other media, it is something we do not feel is appropriate to have in our servers.

Words such as what were used on your account, are not welcome in any context. 

This is plainly stated on the server's loading screen before you enter.

Additionally, this is also stated on Facepunch's Terms of Service  https://support.facepunchstudios.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007485418-Banned-for-Racism-Homophobia

Here are resources that you can explore to learn more:   

The Guide to Allyship     : https://guidetoallyship.com/

The Bias Barrier              https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/us/Documents/about-deloitte/us-inclusion-survey-research-the-bias-barrier.pdf

Anti-Racism Glossary    : https://www.rwjbh.org/why-rwjbarnabas-health-/ending-racism/anti-racism-glossary/

Anti-Racism Resources https://www.rwjbh.org/why-rwjbarnabas-health-/ending-racism/anti-racism-resources/

The ban will not be lifted.

You are solely responsible for what happens on your account. 
We wish you the best of luck in your future gaming endeavors.

- Northstarz

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