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US Pure Ban - SpyckeR

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Offender: SpyckeR          (battlemetrics)             (Steam Profile)
Server: US Pure
Time: 4:09 pm (eastern)
Length: Permanent 
Reason: Raiding
More Info (Optional): 

SpyckeR was first warned on 02/13/2022 for accessing a players base and raiding everything from the base along with everything from the base owner while he was offline.  The console warning included our rules on raiding, stealing, harassment & griefing of players, bases and modes of transport. The warning was sent in English and Portuguese so there would be no misinterpretation of the servers rules.

SpyckeR accessed a players base and TC. SpyckeR raided and stole everything they were able to from the base along with everything the owner had in his inventory making numerous trips to ensure they stole everything.

SpyckeR was already warned and given every opportunity to be a part of our RustEZ US Pure community as a rule abiding member but instead made a choice to raid and steal from players and bases. SpyckeR has shown no attempts of playing within RustEZ's rules and policies and because of this has been permanently banned from our servers and the community that plays within them.

Due to the amount of bases SpyckeR has raided more logs available upon request and if needed.






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