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US Pure ban- WifeEater69

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Offender: WifeEater69      Battlemetrics | Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 11:41PM Eastern 
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding/Looting/Greifing
More Info (Optional):

I was called to a players base to investigate a report of a player using the attack heli to destroy window bars and gain access to a 3rd party's base.  Upon gaining access to the base WifeEater accessed a number of containers and a sleeper inside before being confronted by the reporting player at which time WifeEater left the base.  After investigating and finding evidence that WifeEater had accessed the base a console warning was sent notifying them that raiding, looting, and griefing are not allowed on our server and to use /rules in chat to become familiar with the rules of the server.   

Further observation of WifeEater found him attempting to steal another players minicopter then trying to push it off the roof of the base when he found there was no fuel.  At this point another admin became visible and verbally notified WifeEater that this is a PVE server, raiding and griefing arent allowed, and that further rule infractions could lead to a ban.  

after this interaction, WifeEater proceeded to enter another base, access a sleepers inventory as well as a storage container, and authorized on their TC at which time WifeEater was kicked and asked to read the server rules and rejoin along with being sent another console warning notifying him that raiding/griefing/looting are not allowed on the server and to use /rules to become familiar with the server rules and give them an opportunity to change their behavior.  

After rejoining WifeEater accessed another players base and fully looted their sleeper at which time I placed a ban on their account for raiding/griefing/looting due to their continued disregard for server rules, warnings, and other players gameplay, even after being given every opportunity to change their behavior and act as a responsible/upstanding member of our community. 






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