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Coming soon to EU Survival... Snowmobile Racing! Win prizes!


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As a gift to everyone on the RustEZ servers, and to celebrate FacePunch's newest toy, Bijington, Ford Prefect and sirlagsalot present...



A custom-designed snowmobile race track, where anyone can come and experience the excitement of crashing sideways into concrete barriers, or else watch your friends ruin their new snowmobiles, while laughing at them! Bring your own snowmobile and go wild!

Located in the beautiful snowy mountains of sector E15 on EU Survival, our track features mind-blowing straights, sweeping corners, and a deadly figure-eight crossover section where only the bravest will survive!


Construction work is almost complete! Starting this weekend (19th February), the track will be open to the public for anyone to come and practise, and the following weekend (26th February at 8pm UK time) we will be hosting a BIG RACE for a chance to win an M249 or an L96! Come and support your friends and neighbours while they crash into each other to win heavy weapons, or apply below to take part, and maybe you will be remembered in racing history alongside Valentino Rossi and Michael Schumacher!

Our facilities include: heated spectator stands and tower and, on race day, lots of parking for snow mobiles, mini-copters and cars (cars are free, snow mobiles and 'copters cost 1 scrap each if you want to lock them away). We also have a dedicated camping area if you'd like to leave a sleeping bag (you are welcome to leave them there for the rest of the wipe, just please don't put them anywhere else in the compound).


The race start is fully automated to keep things fair:


We hope to provide race commentary on Discord, courtesy of Ford Prefect, with helicopter support from sirlagsalot! More details to follow.

Up to four riders will race each time, with multiple rounds and a final, depending on the total number of riders. The following prizes are up for grabs:

1st: the most deadly, the players' favourite.... the legendary M249
2nd: L96 with 16x scope, for shooting hairs off the heads of other racers
3rd: Assault Rifle, because RAAAAAAAR
4th: Pookie - it's the taking part that counts!

If you'd like to register yourself as a racing legend, please add a post below with the following information:

Player name
Racer name (no real names please)
Racer home country
Choice of tyres (choose from Stunlop, Drudgestone or Witchelin, and Hard, Medium or Soft - of course we can't actually do anything with this information but it will help with our commentating!)


Player name: sirlagsalot
Racer name: Valentonio Lossy
Racer home country: Peru
Tyres: Medium Drudgestones

Entry as a rider costs 300 scrap, paid to one of us before Friday the 25th. Snowmobiles will be provided for every racer to use.

Or come and watch for free!

We hope to see you all on the 26th February at 8pm UK time! Players from all servers are welcome!

(please note that this event is totally player-organised and run, and not associated with our lovely admin staff)

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The results are in!

It was a tense race, watched by a massive crowd:


Hungry for success, bijington, Ford Prefect and sirlagsalot rose to the challenge, each determined to walk away with the championship title.


Despite a good early start by Ford Prefect and sirlagsalot, it was bijington who put on the strongest performance of the race, leaving the other two riders to fight for second place, suffering multiple collisions before settling on the final result - bijington in 1st and sirlagsalot in 2nd, with Ford Prefect a very close 3rd place.


You can witness all the thrilling action with our on-board footage, here:


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