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/sil for neon signs


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There is a way to update the /sil command so that it works for neon signs.


I would love it if we could get this changed. I've tested it on private server and it works great!

Here is the thread to the original post: https://umod.org/community/sign-artist/28103-support-for-neon-signs?page=1


I'll even paste it here, so you can copy/paste it into the code:

["sign.neon.xl.animated"] = new ImageSize(256, 256),

["sign.neon.xl"] = new ImageSize(256, 256),

["sign.neon.125x215.animated"] = new ImageSize(128, 256),

["sign.neon.125x215"] = new ImageSize(128, 256),

["sign.neon.125x125"] = new ImageSize(128, 128),


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Apparently I saw a youtube video of them doing it on the frames of neon signs too. Which is something i really want! 100% because drawing neons is painful and I can never make anything that looks good. The console command "uploadsign" works for admins on neons but it's not something regular players can use.



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