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US Pure Ban - goblino #rustypot

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Offender: goblino #rustypot      (battlemtrics)       (Steam Profile)
Server: US Pure 
Time: 12:57 am (eastern)
Length: Permanent
Reason: Continued Harassments and Stealing.
More Info (Optional): goblino #rustypot was first warned for stealing items from a player and refusing to give the items back.

 goblino #rustypot's first console warning included our rules on raiding, stealing, griefing and harassing of players, bases as well as modes of transport and that all are against the rules and bannable offences. They were also instructed in the console warn to type /rules in chat for rules they will NEED to abide by in order to remain a part of our community.

goblino #rustypot started to try and get a rise out of the community by asking an inappropriate question and was informed that it will not be tolerated on our server.

goblino #rustypot received a second warning for false reporting. He and his teammate were calling admins and false reporting on each other. It was explained and told to not waste admin time unless they are in genuine need of admin assistance in any regards to server rules and to play within the servers rules and policies. Another console warning was issued to Inform goblino #rustypot that if he continues to be disruptive a perm ban may be implemented.

goblino #rustypot stole everything from a players body bag. When items were being returned goblino #rustypot started dumping loot on the ground and hiding everything else he wanted to save in a satchel.

goblino #rustypot was given every opportunity to change the coarse of his gameplay and be a productive and rule abiding member of our community but instead opted to continue to be disruptive and steal from a player without any care to that players game progression.

With every opportunity given to goblino #rustypot met with a flippant attitude and disregard for the community and the servers rules a permanent ban was issued.




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