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US pure ban- KILL 57

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Offender: KILL 57      Battlemetrics | Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 1:35AM EST
Length: 24 Hour
Reason: Monument camping
More Info (Optional):

I noticed KILL in the guard shack camping launch site during a periodic check of some of the more popular monuments, at which time I posted our PSA about monument/loot camping.  KILL ignored the PSA, and continued to hunker down in the guard shack at which time i sent them a warning in both english and russian in an attempt to make sure they understood what was being asked.  After recieving the warning KILL continued to camp the guard shack at which time i placed the player back in their base where they AFK'd for a short time.  I returned later to find KILL camping the guard shack again, at which time i sent another console warning in russian again letting them know camping monuments/NPC's is not allowed and that it effects others gameplay.  This warning was also ignored by KILL at which time a 24 hour ban was implemented in an attempt to curb this behavior and give the player time to review our server rules.  


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