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Refresh on event and monument loot regulations


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I can see a problem with how other players can tag and pull aggro from the attack heliecopter and the tank at launch site. I find it hard to get above 8 to 10% damage on the attack helicopter with lesser guns without someone else pulling it away with a better gun. They do more of the damage after they steal the aggro, and claim all the loot, but you still did at least 8% before they took the credit.

If we could simply say that, if a player does at least 8% damage to the different helicopters and tanks, this metric being shown in the combat log by typing in the command in F1, with at least 8% damage the player is intitled to at least see the loot up for grabs and is able to make a diplomatic trade to the person that did say, 92% of the damage as an example.

Please at least look into this simple act of making a slightly leveled playing field through no plugins, or mods, or anything extra done to the server end of things, other than just letting it be known, if you do 8% or more damage to the event bosses, you can at least ask for some loot.

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the top 5 ppl get loot for heli so if it is only you and the other person ya might wanna see if ya get loot for I believe heli is only like 500 damage and brad only needs to be hit by 2 HV rockets to get loot. sounds like ya might need to practice hitting things from a distance with HV rockets they dont decline fast so if bradley moving aim slightly in front of it and a aim towards the top of it and it should hit plus I always make about 20+ HV rockets and take them with me but like I said only need 2 to get loot. I hope this helps.

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