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Banned US Survival: Cronus

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Offender: Cronus

Steam ID:  76561197972208705     Battlemetrics: 967299558

Server: US Survival

Time: 7:54 AM HST

Length: Permanent

Reason: Stealing

Info:  Player blatantly stole from another player by siphoning off resources by piping off an unsecured quarry to a nearby base.  Due to a slew of previous warnings including a final warning issued by the head US Survival admin.  A permanent ban was issued.


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This is absoultely not true.  The whole site was abandonned.  The doors were open, locks removed and the tc unlocked and deauthorized.  There were no sleeping bags or sleepers.  This is very normal when people quit the server.  The quarry was within tc range, it wasn't running.  The term blatantly (obvious and intentional) should only reinforce these facts.  I wasn't stealing anything.  It was all abandonned.  If I thought that anyone had claim over it I would never have touched it.  

Furthermore, the only warnings I have ever got were about building in rivers and blocking, which was an oversight and that I immediately fixed.  And once for removing one foundation block that was in the middle of nowhere with nothing close to it, and I thought I was helping clean up the server.  I have never received any kind of "final warning" from anyone.  

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Thank you for appealing the ban.

After reading your response, considering the nature of your past warnings, and speaking to the owner of the quarry and base again (who is new to the server and was not familiar with securing their belongings).  I have decided to lift your ban.

Please be mindful in the future to never assume that anything built or placed by another player is abandoned without their express permission first.  Sometimes players have to log out mid construction for a myriad of reasons and may not login for a while due to real life circumstances and commitments.  Which was the circumstance of the victim.  


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