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Some form of fix for Pure servers Heli/Bradly loot


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This wipe was fun while it lasted, I got a base up finished it and all with a group of friends for once. But as we tried to do high loot tier activities like Bradly or Heli, they are constantly snatched either by the same people or just back to back people putting it on timers. There's been a massive increase I've felt in players this wipe that totally disregard others and try to take everything for themselves. I remember when people were courteous and would call out whether or not they were doing something or actually letting players have a chance at high comp. activities.

I only played for the first 2 weeks of wipe because I eventually got tired and bored because of the extreme competition. The one time I did get to take a heli when I got to the crash site, 2 crates out of 4 were gone, and it was a total discourage from ever doing it again. When I first got to do Bradly I was immediately called a camper despite being there for less than 5 minutes.

The whole loot dividing thing I believe that is on servers like Scourge, that give players their own loot inventories depending on how much damage or contribution would be extremely helpful even if its a stretch for pure.

This is my opinion but since there's so much competition I feel like adding some plugins from the modded server to increase the playability of the Pures would be a game changer, its called pure and all but its gotten to the point where I'm complaining. I've had talks with other people who share the same opinion as me and they agreed that high loot activities have become unplayable.

This wipe for me has become unplayable since I've felt so much hostility for just trying to give something that everyone should be able to do a shot. (along with the people who decide to build RIGHT out of my TC radius)


Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

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