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Double Gun Powder Craft


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Hi all, 

Don't know if this has been already suggested or not, but here I go...
Can we have double of Gun Powder craft capacity?

Yes, I'm crafting now Gun Powder and I think that is something that all of us are doing since we have only 2 week until the next Wipe!

So, now we have 10 Gun Powder output for each 30 Characol and 20 Sulfur.
If we could get like 20 Gun Powder output for each 60 Characol and 40 Sulfur OR 30 Gun Powder for 90 Characol and 60 Sulfur it would be great!

Have fun all!


gun powder.png

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10 hours ago, SCE_Wraith said:

Did I miss something and gun powder is suddenly harder to get?

Nope! Not harder, the same difficulty has always had!
Just suggesting something to save you time if you want to craft a big number of Gun Powder!
I've crafted like 500k+ and it takes almost 1 hour to craft it all.
In this time, you can't craft anything more  
That's only my point, saving time for the players 😛 


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Can't you just craft a heap using lots of mixing benches?

Using mixing benches, you can set the craft and walk away, and come back when it's done. If you play on Survival, you can also use JPipes to automate the process, and it will be totally hands free.

It's also slightly cheaper using mixing benches at 20 charcoal & 20 sulphur produces 10 GP.

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