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US Pure Ban - duckey556

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Offender: duckey556         (battlemetrics)          (Steam Profile)
Server: US Pure
Time: 4:18 AM Eastern
Length: Permanent 
Reason: Raiding/Griefing
More Info (Optional): duckey556 completely destroyed a players base. When I noticed it and went to him the damage was already done and he left numerous things to despawn as well as the owner of the destroyed base left on the ground.

I went to duckey556 and verbally spoke to him about removing player bases and stealing. He denied it until I informed him that I have logs that show him destroying/removing the players base and deployables. I informed him that it was a form of griefing and that it was against the servers rules as is stealing and raiding.

He denied stealing and raiding from the player. I told him when the player logs in and reports items stolen I will be confiscating everything that was reported missing. He then gave me back some items he stole.

duckey556 was verbally as well as console warned the following : "Raiding, Stealing, Griefing and Harassments of bases, players and modes of transport are all against the rules and bannable offences. Please type /rules in chat for rules you NEED to abide by in order to remain a part of our rule abiding community. Removing a players base is a form of griefing. Stealing, Raiding or griefing from this point on may result in a ban from our servers. TY"

duckey556 was given every opportunity to be a part of our community and instead chose to steal from players and bases without any consideration to the players progression or the servers rules. A permanent ban was then implemented.


*Due to the amount of logs only some have been included. More available upon request*  













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