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Helicopters... Again the same...


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Well, here we go again...
I know the way this topic is going to get, once again, wipe after wipe, always the same thing...

Our dear helicopters, loved by a huge part of the community, hated by the newbies.

We all love to farm Helicopters.
But some of us, make something similar to a "monopoly" of helicopters!

This wipe, at Survival PVE, I've take down 1 or 2 PUBLIC helicopters, I believe that this number is someway equal to the remaining players of this server.

Since rarely can't get 1 Public down, I've to buy it...
Why? Someone at T7 square is always geting them down.

Well, I don't know how to correct this, since it is PUBLIC, I know I'm gonna be "crucified" about this, calling me a "cry baby" but that's ok  🙂 
Just expressing my disapointment about this in a friendly server... Once uppon a time, like a year aggo or something like that with "Pickachoot", we are used to ask IF someone want's the heli.

That's it friends  🙂 

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The option to solo any server event is near non-existent in a busy PvE community. If you feel the need to solo it -- then yes, call a personal on the modded servers for the best chance at being able to do that.

Multiple people can and will shoot at an attack heli. At the end of the day, others are trying to have fun and enjoy doing the same things you are (i.e. do server events). Once the heli event is over, all qualifying players can loot each crate to access their own loot instance.  For heli, the top 5 players who dealt the most damage, and dealt at least 500, will qualify for loot.  

And yeah, I get it. Taking it out on your own is fun, but it's rare for that to happen. With the loot instancing, you can still fully participate in the server event and earn the loot rewards if you do enough damage.

With that said, if another player or their team is actually hogging it and not allowing others to participate (which is difficult seeing as how up to 5 qualifying players are rewarded) then ping an admin on your server to review server event logs.  If it is a case of one player taking them all the time then admins will speak to said player about their actions and what they need to do in order to stop ruining the PvE gameplay experience for others. Usually a friendly visit from your resident admin team will help sort that out. 

~ Aurora


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