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US Pure Ban - The Beast

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Offender: The Beast           battlemetrics          Steam Profile
Server: US Pure
Time: 5:03pm est
Length: Permanent 
Reason: Raiding, Stealing, Griefing
More Info (Optional): The Beast initially came onto the server with a friend who was banned that same night after continued raiding and stealing. When his friend and teammate got banned he knew what his teammate did was against the servers rules.

The Beast befriended some players who tried to show him the ropes because he was newer to the server and gave The Beast some items to get started and spent time with him in-game. When the players weren't around or offline The Beast took advantage when he found the players code and gained entry through base exploits. Accessed the players TC and took the base over...removing items and base parts. 

The Beast cleared out a vast majority of the players items. He picked  up and removed base parts like windows, floor grills and walls to gain entry if someone took notice and changed the code. He then placed his own TC and locked it to take over the players base.

The Beast accessed a second players base. Authorized on the TC and locked another player out the base and contents/containers within.

The Beast knew that raiding and stealing was against the servers rules and took advantage of players hospitality and good gamesmanship.

The Beast made numerous trips while the players were offline and even chatted with them when they came back online all the while stealing from them until they were in a position to lock the player out of the bases and contents completely. 

The magnitude of what was stolen, bases altered and gameplay impeded a permanent ban was implemented.

*Due to the astronomical amount of logs only some have been included. Much more available upon request.



















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