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I was enjoying the game and partaking in some banter with other friends and people in the server when a mod and another stepped in when none of it was directed towards them i understand they said to stop but none of it was towards them i simply was waiting for my items to be crafted and using the chat to talk to others in the way i communicate and joke around Cactus told me to stop but only saying there was a ban hammer and another saying a storm is coming as more of a threat. I wont do it again but i would appreciate an apology

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11 minutes ago, TheCactusHugger said:

As i stated in your initial post.  Please refer all replies here.


bro i want other moderators to help me because your literally biased and i would like my banned overlooked by others and really dont wanna talk to you because your genuinely being unfair and unjust i would have stopped if you gave a warning but since you just instabanned it literally makes no sense at all to continue talking to you

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