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(US) Pure - [Who] bush1511

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Offender: [Who] bush1511     Battlemetrics         Steam ID
Server: US Pure
Time: 4:13pm Eastern
Length: Perm
Reason: Player Griefing and base take over
More Info (Optional): [Who] bush1511 was warned along with his teammates and instructed to type /rules in chat for rules needed to play by in order to remain a part of our rule abiding PvE community.

The console warning issued included and informed the player that raiding, stealing griefing and harassing of players and bases were all against the rules and bannable offences.

[Who] bush1511 was given a chance to be a part of our rule abiding community but instead chose along with teammates to grief and takeover a players base and a ban was placed for player and base griefing





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