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Banned for Language

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My steam name is CD19, I was banned almost a year ago while playing on the RustEZ Survival PVE. I am not sure exactly when (I tried to join the server to see if it gave me a date of the ban but it didn't) or who banned me but I know that I was banned for making an inappropriate homophobic joke. At the time for some reason I thought to make this joke but I have grown and learned from my mistake. It has almost been a year now and I have mentally grown up and realized what I did was wrong in any context. I apologize for this joke to anyone it offended or affected as looking back at it now I know it was hurtful. I know that I barely spent any time on this server and made a hurtful joke but it won't happen ever again. I know it's easier said than done but over this past year I have learned to be a more respectful person and had no other incident like this on any other server. I have only heard good things about RustEZ servers and I am hoping I will be given another chance to be able to join this community as the joke I made is something I heavily regret. Thanks.

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