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[EU] RustEZ Scourge PvE | Zombies

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My name in the game is Neverdies. I got banned by Cartmon, but there is a huge misunderstanding. It will be understood that we are trying to communicate with the admins in our conversations with my teammate X.L. We did something like this because we thought it would be too late until the admins came. First of all, as you can see from the images I have attached, there is no theft. We took the items from the destroyed house of our neighbor next door and put them in the box in our own house. We did such a thing with the aim of giving the things to our neighbor when he came. As you can see from my player profile, we don't need those items anyway. I don't want my good deeds to result in punishment. please help.



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  • Staff

Offender: Neverdies Battlemetrics Steam
Server: EU Scourge
Time: 11:58 BST
Length: Perm
Reason: Raiding/stealing
More Info (Optional): 

Thank you for taking the time to appeal.
This morning I saw you removing items that did not belong to you or your teammate by using a salvage hammer.  The base in question was decaying and as such you decided to place a tool cupboard to be able to loot and remove items in the base. You only tried to contact an admin after your teammate mentioned your previous warnings, by which time you had already looted and removed items from the base. Given previous interactions, warnings and your chat messages while removing items, I decided to implement a ban at this time as you have had plenty of reminders and opportunities to read /rules during your time on the server and yet decided to break rule #1 No raiding, griefing or looting of any kind.

At this time I will not be lifting your ban. I wish you luck in finding another server that suits your playstyle.


salvage log.PNG









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Mr Cartmon,
First of all, I want you to see if the house that I bought and put in the boxes is still in place. You will see that there is no house there anymore. You will understand how right it is for me to take the spouses of the destroyed house and put them in boxes. You chose to punish me for doing the right thing, but he hopes you will realize how wrong this decision was when you put aside your ego and prejudice. Again, I repeat, I did nothing wrong. I don't need anything there. I even have 68k points, you can even get it. All I ask of you is that you don't punish me for doing the right thing for something that doesn't exist. I ask you to reconsider your decision, I wish you a good day.

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The fact that the base was decaying was clear in my above post and as such the base has fully decayed now but that is irrelevant. 
You do not have the right to place a tool cupboard on a base that does not belong to you and you do not have the right to remove items and or deployables from a base that does not belong to you.
As in my above post, rule #1 is clear, No raiding, griefing or looting of any kind. Placing a tool cupboard on the base and removing deployables is raiding and removing items from the base and it's various inventories is looting. The only exception to this is grey satchels, which are okay to loot. 
After reading the DM you sent me last night I did consider reducing your ban to a temporary ban to serve as a final warning that any further rule breaking would result in an immediate permanent ban however after reading your message above and re-reading the DM today, I do not believe this to be the right course of action.
You have not apologised or shown any remorse for breaking the server rules in any of your messages, further to that, you have not acknowledged that what you did was wrong or against the rules. As such I will not be reducing your ban, it will remain permanent.

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Mr Cartmon,
You still refuse to understand me. I am a 43-year-old person, I have played many online games until this age. Until now, no one, no institution, no person has made any accusations against me quickly or similarly (I expect you to apologize for this matter). I see you are still implying that I am doing something similar to theft and saying that my ban will not be lifted. Let's make this clear first, I AM NOT A THIEF and no one can imply that. I never think that you can decide impartially from now on, you already saw me as a thief in your mind and banned me by playing. Footnote, I'm sorry if I personally offended any player, including you. good day.

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