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I was banned by Nortstar from titanfall 2

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Thank you for your participation in our ban appeals process. 

You were inside the players base harassing the player and stealing food. When you were killing his horse you were kicked from the server with instructions to read the rules before rejoining.

Upon login you continued to harass the player even after he told you to leave and the doors were open. You sat in a chair at the table until the console warning issued made it clear that stealing, raiding, harassing and griefing of players,  bases and modes of transport are all against the rules and bannable offences. You were also informed that if you type /rules in chat it will bring up a list of rules all players need to adhere to in order to remain on our server. 

After the console warning was received and acknowledged you left and started harassing other players for items. Chasing them down until they tossed you something or they locked themselves in bases to get away.  

You went back to the original player that reported you for harassment and started once more to harass and annoy the player. That was when the ban was implemented. 

The player asked you to leave and you did not.

You were kicked with instructions to read rules before rejoining.

Console warnings were sent informing you of the rules and warning you of the consequences should you not abide by them.

PSA's were posted to inform.

You had ample opportunity to be a part of our rule abiding community and progress in the game on your own and within the rules of our server. You instead chose to harass and annoy players. Hindering the gameplay and progression of others for your own amusement. Your ban will remain in place.

I truly hope you find a server that better suites your gameplay and game style.


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