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about saying the r word

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  • Staff

Thank you for your appeal, 
you have previously been spoken to by other admins for how you spoke to players and about language you used,
Player disrespect is against the server rules and the world you used is offensive and should never be used towards another player. 
That being said, you will get a second chance. Just one.
The ban will be lifted once 72 hours have passed, but it will remain on your record.  There will be no additional chances as this post should encourage you to change how you speak in our servers and to abide by the rules.

Take this time before rejoining, and refresh yourself on the rules to avoid any chance of breaking them. If you are unclear on any of them, or aren't sure what is permitted, reach out to the staff and we'll be happy to clarify them for you.

● No raiding, griefing or looting of any kind.
● No mic or chat spam, player disrespect, politics, racism or harassment.
● No camping loot rooms, monuments or any highly concentrated areas.
● You may build in caves but you must ensure safe passage for other players.
● No blocking water ways, building around monuments or large areas of unused land.

Please bear in mind, this is a one-time ban reversal. No further rule infractions of this nature can happen. Thank you!

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ive never been speaken to by admin before my language, ivew never been once spoken to and been a friendly man towards the server and your still going to ban me for 72 before i can play the server i think thats abit over the top i would like to request a unban tonight as i want to enjoy rust and your not understanding where im coming from 


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not understanding where im coming from in the sense of me not knowing the r word was that offensive and in my eyes should of been a mute or warning NOT  A BAN i think its outrages what you have done and take advantage of your roles i would like to request an unban tonight as i feel that this should of been a warning but the originally

was a PEMANT ban for one not really offensive word OUTRAGES admins on the server please and thank you take my request of an unban tonight serious and a player who started it off by being a dick a talking to aswell thank you

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and if your going giving me another chance for something that shouldn't

of been a ban in my eyes MY OPIONION but we move on, and when a second chance comes a i think the person should learn from the mistakes and that as it is not as serious as any other word racial or homophobic or shamming on people then you say i deserve a perm ban for saying the r word i think thats unacceptable and if the admins where here to make the server a "better" place i think you should unban me as of tinght so i can enjoy your server,  i stilll cant believe you went to perm ban me for the r word i could of been racial homophobic or shamming but NO im a respectful person who plays the server RESPECTFULLY ad i just think your abusing your powers as an admin. but the AUDACITY to perm ban me for a word it was racist nor homophobic i think you have a big cheek and abusing your powers this was LL MY OPINION and everyone's alowed an opinion so if you take offence to this not my fault as it is my opinion thank you

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  • Staff

Hello Robbie, 

You have in fact been spoke to by an admin in the past due to your behaviour towards other players. It was myself in fact who had to speak to you a few times.

If you believe this word is not offensive, that is your belief but i can assure you it is


The 72 hour ban will stand, 

Please take this time to research and see why words like this are offensive and why you should never use them. 


EU Scourge Head Admin

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hiya mate you was not the guy who banned me so i would please for you to be quite as im speaking to the person who banned me and NO you didnt speak to ME mate it was my friend you spoke to about pretending there an admin so as an admin yourself get your stuff together properly and get the right end of things your clearly not the right fit for an admin as you are stating wrong statements and as you said in discord wait for the person WHO banned you to reply and thats not you mate so please withdraw from this conversation as you dont fit in the criteria of an admin MY OPINION thank you and good bye, i dont mind speaking to death but that is it no one else thanking you 

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