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"Holiday" events


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Is there any way to return the in-game "holiday" events (Easter, halloween) to their (developer) intended format (with the current "planned" instances\"events" as a bonus for those who like them, rather than the only option offered to players on the server), as they used to be?


Last year, during the Halloween event I asked if the event could be run "naturally" instead of only the artifical "announce event, teleport people to airfield" style that was occuring. Following the responces from a number or people (including admins) I explained that due to a condition I have (autism), I am unable to handle\cope with massed player events such as this, and would like the opportunity to try and enjoy the event\compete on a "level" field to other participants, rather than against a mob in a planned location, designed to make large collections easy. The responce received was (loosely translated) "Too bad, so sad" and that I should "get over it", from both other "players" as well as the admin.


Today in game I brought up the fact that the Easter event is designed to be "random", rather than "planned" and was told by an admin that this is a "community server" (despite the fact that the event doesn't need to be "arranged" to still be a community event - people across the map can participate and compete against each other from different locations, as well as people who have built a "community" with their bases can participate together), and shortly after explaining that I had problems with "group" activities such as the group egg-hunt (as opposed to the random, unexepected ones), random "gifts" were handed out by the server and immediately the admin condescendingly said in chat "Someone take Brictoria's gift from him, as he doesn't like community events"[1].


Throughout this, I have never said that the "planned" events should not occur, instead simply asking that "unplanned" ones should also occur, to allow both those (like myself) who have difficulties with "group" events, as well as those whose computers struggle (frame rate) with the "group" event (due to large number of entities which spawn as a result of the number of players in close proximity) to paricipate on an even playing field with everyone else on the server - Why can't the "random" events occur as designed by the developers, with the "group" events as a "bonus" for those who like them, rather than all people being forced to the "group" event (which may not be suitable, or be exclusionary for them), or else missing out on any chance to try and "win"?


As a side note: The attitude of this specific admin today - that because it is a "community" server, people should only want\expect to participate in "group" events - seems strange, given (as in the world in general) there would likely be a number of people who for any number of reasons are unable\unwilling\incapable of participating in such "group" activities, yet are still capable of particpating in\being members of a community, and seems to suggest that only those who meet certain "requirements"\have certain "abilities" are welcome\accepted (with "differently abled" people being unwanted\should be prevented from having contact with the "community"). Personally, I enjoy the build system in the game, and being able to share my constructions\creations with others\ the server "community" (It was better before the "tech tree" was implemented, when trading\crafting\researchig items found was important to help others with the item they needed to assist them with their build\circuit\etc, rather than the current "all you need is scrap" to get the specific item), but based on the way I was treated today by the admin, it seems this isn't being part of a "community server", and I wonder how welcome people such as myself truely are on these servers... And whether it is worth signing back in again to a place where I appear to be unwanted.


[1] I subsequently put the gift (unopened) in one of the containers in a structure I am building (One of the "pumps" in the garage, from memory), from where it can be removed by another admin if I am not permitted to have it (as at least one of the server admins apparently believes should be the case).

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Thanks for reaching out.
I'd like to apologize for any frustration you've had. 
The egg hunts are automatic. You can hunt eggs alone at your base, or wherever you are on the map with the exception of deep water. (Water egg hunts are doable, but a pain in the ... bottom.) Eggs will spawn where you are. So please try to be outside away from your structures just prior to time for another hunt. The more you collect, the more that will spawn, which is why many folks do plan ahead and go to a more centralized location. The more the merrier is certainly workable for many folks. You are not and that is perfectly fine! Please, enjoy your egg hunts as you wish. Being where everyone else is will help you gather eggs far more quickly, but you are good to play where you are. 

Like you, I prefer to hunt alone, or with just my hubby when possible. In the end, don't sweat it. Grab those eggs where you are most comfortable doing so. 
Remember, save them up once you get a basket so you can upgrade to that mystical golden egg!

Regarding other things you mentioned, it will be looked into.  The gift is a server gift. Please, keep it.  Like the egg hunts, it is also automatic. 😉



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Hi Bric,

Sorry that you had a negative experience last night.
I was at work at the time, although I did see the events unfold from my phone.

Firstly, I will unreservedly apologise for the unnecessary and inappropriate comment made by the admin. Please be sure that I will speak to them personally, and make sure this does not happen again. However, I feel the "too bad, so sad" impression was not present, although every person can have a different interpretations of what transpired. Please understand that everyone is human, and capable of mistakes. We will try to do better.

As for the 'randomness' of the event, as Granny said, the hunts are automatic and out of our control (at least at a server admin level), so there's not much I can do about that.

There is not much I can do about players congregating at the airfield, or any other location, in time for the event either. As you are well aware, the server has a strong community, and players are free to organise such activities without admin intervention.

As for turning the hunts into an admin event, I will look into this. At this time, I will get the input from players, admins, and Leadership as to 1) Is making this an event by popular demand, and 2) Is acceptable to run as an event. Please understand that the server is a community. This is what makes it strong.

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Thank you for that.


To clear up a minor misunderstanding, Postanou, the "Too bad, so sad" reaction was what I received during last year's Halloween event (I had a small castle (with dungeon) that I was building\outfitting on an ice lake at the north of the map during that wipe) where I asked for some "solo friendly"\"solo competetive" instances rather than solely the admin run "teleport" events which they initiated and where there were no random instances of the event occurring, and wasn't from yesterday's interactions.


From what I had seen in chat (at the time being somewhat distracted by another player who had taken to shooting at me while I was trying to gather items) I had been under the impression that the same thing was happening with the Easter ones this year (all admin spawned, with notification as to when (to allow "planning" for it), and an "event" which allowed players to teleport to a set location and no instances occurring at "random" where players have no warning to prepare) due to the discussions in chat such as those surrounding the start time for the next hunt, as well as the "scores" which people were receiving (200+) which resembled those from the Halloween event last year...


Perhaps it was just a coincidence that a number of players had been standing around in a group\location waiting for it, rather than it having been a staged event like Halloween last year where you needed to join the group\"event" each hunt to be "competetive" and I had the misfortune to sign in when such a group had already naturally formed\gathered via chat, rather than being teleported[1], in which case I appologise for my misunderstanding of how the events were running at present.


[1] With the random events and the "natural"\chat based grouping, those in the group have to sacrifice time from the build\gather\? activities they would otherwise be doing (or stick together while doing those activities), to wait in hope of the event starting. The "solo" player, in these cases, isn't "disadvantaged" (outside of losing inv spots to basket, etc. to be ready whenever the event starts), as they can continue roaming - Where they are when the event starts is of less importance.

With the "forced"\"teleport" instance, the solo players knows from the beginning that they have no chance of competing (reaching top 3 for the "bonus"), and it becomes demotivating to repeatedly see huge scores, knowing you have no opportunity to get anything close to them - The Halloween event last year became an annoying interuption\distraction, rather than an enjoyable activity to participate in.

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Okay, I think I see a small misunderstanding with the Easter & Haloween events.

They are a timed server event, starting precisely every 2 hours. Admins don't start them, but because the start time is easily known, preparations can be made in advance, hence the gathering of players, and running of admin /event. This is similar to how Brad, cargo & patrol heli events used to operate. If you want the start time for Easter & Haloween events to be randomised as well, that would only be in the pervue of Death, if it is at all possible to do. I'd suggest posting a Suggestion thread on the forums, and see how it goes.

I have checked with Leadership, and there is nothing wrong with admins turning the Easter or Haloween events into an admin event with the use of /event. The same event is run on the other EZ servers as well, so it's not a unique situation.

The only condition is no spawning of kits/items. Players come with what they bring, and leave with what they collect. So, as the event is for the benefit of the community, and the players seem to enjoy it, I see no reason to stop my admins hosting these events. Sorry, but you will just have to accept that the community as a whole enjoys this.

There is nothing stopping you from joining us; the event is open to everyone. We would be more than happy to see you join in. The more players in an area, the more eggs will spawn. If you don't like groups, you can simply turn off chat and mute voice chat via the Options menu, participate, and leave again once the event is done.

Other than that, as I mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with players gathering of their own volition for the event.

I have spoken to the admin involved yesterday, and we discussed their inappropriate comments. I will also bring it up at our monthly AU admin meeting so that all AU admins are across this issue, so hopefully it won't happen again. We're human. We live and learn.

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