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Hello, I am a frequent RustEZ player and have played for quite a while. I've recently seen this mod that allows you to place things inside and they don't wipe and figured it may be good to see on RustEZ.


Bank Mod

Default Size: 18

VIP Size: 30

When it comes to ammo, explosives, Scrap and things like that people would use on the next wipe. Having the bank inventory it will allow you to safely store things for next wipe so they don't have to grind as much. 

While some players may see it as too easy, Others will see it to be good so would just be up to that player to store things or not.

If this mod was to be accepted, I would ask that anything able to be bought from the RustEZ store become restricted when trying to put them into the Bank for wipe.

Pumpjacks, Test Gens, Recyclers, Costumes (From store) and other related items should be unable to place in bank. This would cause users to pick up their PJs and store them so they don't have to pay for them which would take away from the Income RustEZ gains to keep these servers up and running.

This is merely a suggestion that I have thought about and talked to a few within Staff as well as normal players and seemed to get good opinions so figured I'd make the suggestion official.

I will try to reply when I can with any questions relating to this Mod / Suggestion.

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You have a whole month to gather the resources to build whatever you need each wipe. Implementing this mod will spoil the gaming experience by making starting out way too easy. May as well just give all players the ability to spawn whatever they wish.

Hard no from me.

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I am in agreement with @Postanou
I've played servers with this system before. I rarely stay longer than a week after wipe. This is because by day 2, base is done. By day 3 at the latest, I had tier 3 items.  There was little left for me to do. As it is now, even without all those bells and whistles, some players complain of being bored by week 2 or so.  This will neither benefit the servers, nor the long-term best interests of the players.

While we're open to suggestions, one thing to bear in mind is that not all ideas are good for our specific community.
Please keep the ideas coming though! 

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