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Trees specifically for your base that cant be chopped down

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I was farming wood near my base and my neighbour came out throwing stacks of wood at me, asking me not to destroy the forest around our compounds, so I started wondering if there was a way you could sell "trees" in the shop that are like the decorative barrels around monuments that can't be broken. I understand there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes, so maybe this isn't possible, but I've seen so many signs around peoples bases "please don't destroy my forest" and i myself have walled in a wooded area to preserve it, only to log in the next day and have it levelled. Regardless, I love the servers I play zombie and survival, thanks for everything you guys and girls do.

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Welcome @EarlGrayTeaBaggins to the Tree Lovers Club!



Here are some club tips for keeping your trees safe and happy!

  1. Place spikes around your trees.
  2. "Box" or fence your trees.
  3. Buy multiple Sedans and pile them up around the tree.
  4. Freeze your trees in Carbonite.
  5. Put corpses around your trees to scare people off.
  6. Disguise your trees with glasses and a moustache.
  7. People who cut down trees right next to someone's base are kinda dim, place free loot boxes nearby and they'll quickly forget what they were there for.
  8. Train bears to protect your yard.
  9. Hire scientists to protect your yard.
  10. Hack the server and have the CH47 patrol over your base 24/7 (it will drive you completely insane, but the trees will be safe at least).




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