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change the amount of wood you can get from outpost.


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as a person who can't be up at 6am just to get my wood i have to either trade wood 20k at the time or chop it myself. but if you're online at restart you could buy up millions of wood at once.

in my opinion people will trade for huge amounts of wood at restart and everyone not fortunate enough to trade then will have to spend  hours at outpost for half the amount of wood they could get in seconds. This wouldn't change the pve experience in a bad way at all it would just make it more even between the people that have the ability to trade at 6am and the once that can't.

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My suggestion would be instanced NPC vendors. Everyone gets their own daily reset. Any raise in the current system would still be taken by a very small number of people doing the conversion/net worth exploit. That or raise stone to 6 cents and lower Char to 2 cents in black market to remove the conversion profits.

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