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I placed a sleeping bag down as I was about to starve to death and didn't want to have to run back to the base I built (Not realizing that I could respawn on the spot) and in the haste I named it "Sleep N-word" not thinking it would be of effect to anyone as I thought it was client side, I didn't intend for it to mean any harm to anyone or such and I planned to place down a proper bed straight after I had eaten some food or respawned.


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So I was trying to appeal this ban because it feels a bit inappropriate to get banned for a sleeping bag, but after reading some of the ban appeal outcomes I have decided I don't want to appeal to sissies, If people get offend at the N-word then they are the problem for allowing such a word to have power as a provocative term, grow up and grow some tougher skin. Btw base is located at Y17 if anyone want to have fun with that information.

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