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Ban appeal

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Hello, my 5 year old son likes to play Rust. Until recently on the PvE . A one-fold surfer to learn the game. He was banned this evening because he apparently did not follow the rules. we are Dutch and he understands little of the English language. He likes to be friends with other players and automatically assumes that everyone likes this and wants to be friends with him too. I would like to ask for the ban to be lifted and of course I will explain again what he cannot and cannot do. In addition, I ask you to tell me exactly what he did wrong. 



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Thank you for appealing. 
To keep things simple, the ban will not be lifted. I might have considered it, until you posted this:

I cannot in any semblance of a good conscious allow your son back on our servers. 
Please also see FacePunch's stance in the simple agreement you had to do to even view the game in Steam. 

Screen Shot 05-10-22 at 06.21 PM (2).PNG

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then I would just have a contract signed by everyone who plays on the server because from the voices heard on the server for the most part is not 18. but fine we will look for another server childish hassle


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