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US Pure ban- adolbol

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Offender: adolbol       Battlemetrics | Steam
Server: US Pure
Time: 2:21PM Eastern
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding and stealing
More Info (Optional):

players in chat were mentioning adolbol appeared to be running around stealing items and had given some items back to a couple players that called them out.  After logging in and following adolbol for a short period of time i found them entering bases and accessing containers that didnt belong to them at which time i kicked them asking them to read the rules and rejoin.  Awarning was also sent at this time notifying adolbol that raiding, stealing and griefing are against server rules.  

after rejoining from their kick, adolbol found a base they could access with a car on a lift that he removed the lock on and drove away.  at this time adolbol was kicked a second time to allow for recovery of the vehicle.  upon adolbol rejoining i became visible and verbally explained the server rules to them.  they acknowledged what i said and assured me it wouldnt happen again.  

a short time later i found adolbol entering another base that was not theirs via base exploit and accessing more containers that did not belong to them.  Given adolbols disregard for the server rules and other players enjoyment of the game, as well as adolbols frequency of infractions in such a short amount of time after multiple warnings both verbal and console a permanent ban was placed on their account. 

Screenshot 2022-05-10 124324.png

Screenshot 2022-05-10 130943.png

Screenshot 2022-05-10 132456.png

Screenshot 2022-05-10 132604.png

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