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Can we please return Giant Excavator to a point where it's actually worth running? I feel like the nerf is not really affecting net worth farmers since they're still running pickle farms and using that scrap to clean out outpost of wood and stone anyways. I feel like removing wood from being sold for net worth would solve this issue better. Also, you can adjust the max cap of smoke grenades to further prevent net worth scumming. I just feel the GE nerf pretty much made personal PJs worthless. I wouldn't complain if the nerf was put in place at the beginning of wipe since I would not have spent the $60 to furnish myself with 2 level 10 PJs and I cant help but feel a bit cheated of my money. Also, the nerf coming after the 12 hour roll back where people lost a good chunk of their work is just an extra slap to the face.

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