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Den of iniquity - Gambling Articles in /Shop


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Would it be possible to add poker tables to the /Shop or EZ Webstore for players to buy and have them set up for people to gamble with either Scrap or Net Worth (depending on the players preference when setting up?)

I'd love to set up my own casion in a future wipe and invite players over to gamble away their fortunes, the ability to add a poker table or two to my build would be fantastic, with slot machines adding that extra zing!

Yes, you can currently do this at Bandit, but the ability to build my own den of iniquity and have players gamble with each other using Net Worth would be perfect.


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While making tables and machines for gambling available to our players is an amazing idea, the problem is that spawning/creating new gambling machines and tables on the maps have been shown to cause issues on the back end of the servers. This can add to the potential for server breaking issues.  We want to encourage players to make use of the currently available machines on the map, or, create your own! We enjoy seeing the creativity! 

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