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/sil for Neons & Pumpkins

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Super excited about this addition; as always, thanks to Death and the team. Looking to start a short thread here for info not readily apparent related to using the sign editor on the neons. Below is what I think I've learned so far in testing, then some questions I or anyone else might try and figure out in the future


Pumpkin Carving -

  1. Seems to me that it's totally dependent on colors in the image. For example, a transparent jack'o'lantern type face shows up when the facial features are white, not when they are black. (In the manual 'carving' (painting) screen for the pumpkins, this seems to correlate with the selector for how 'deeply' you are carving - which is depicted as a scale from white and greys to black, where black = outermost pumpkin skin, fully white = deepest cut through to the middle). Other colors are harder to tell so far, as far as knowing beforehand how much of the image will cut through to whichever depths.
  2. I will say that the image space on the pumpkin is very stretchy - It seems probable that anytime you want an image to be smaller and stay on the front face of the pumpkin, the original image should not be transparent and should instead include a black border around the outside. 


Neons -

  1. I've learned that, unless it's a look you're specifically trying to do, neons really hate images with a lot of white. It washes them out.
  2. Getting an image to actually show up seems like a coin toss so far, and I have not yet figured out if there is a way to discern beforehand; it is 100% link based, whatever is going on - will update as this becomes more apparent.
  3. Neons do indeed still have a massive impact on fps (I know there were some FP updates to lighting elements to fix performance drops regarding some electricity elements; whether neons were a part of that or not, as of this OP (5/22), they are still an instantaneous frame-suck). Obviously, the impact of this varies client to client - just speaking for the server as a whole.


Things unknown to figure out:

  1. RE: Pumpkins - As with how the existing /sil page already does for the other paintable deployables, can anyone tell what resolution dimensions work best for pumpkins? [EDIT: Image space is definitely square. 128x128 seems to resolve okay so far]
  2. Animated Neons - has anyone tested these yet? (Will update if/when I've gotten a chance) [EDIT: Answer is yes. see reply below. Same with the normal neons, some images just don't want to render. Keep trying new image links and eventually any empty slots can be filled]
  3. Can we discern the preferred resolution dimensions for the different size neons as well? 🙂  [EDIT: see reply below for dimensions]
  4. Anyone have any tips for (client side) reducing the performance impact from Neons, other electrical elements in the game, or open fire entities? Whether this is in the form of Rust settings, OS settings, or just boils down to hardware limitations, I will leave this for someone better qualified to explain.
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just updating with more info on topic
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To answer a couple of these, yes /sil does work with the animated neon signs, the correct syntax for it would be "/sil 1 url", "/sil 2 url", "/sil 3 url" etc each in separate messages and the resolutions for the neon signs are as below.
Small Neon Sign    125x125
Medium Neon Sign 125x215
Large Neon Sign    256x256


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