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More Defininitions (Define zombies etc)


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Can we get a few more define x auto texts please? (and a list of them?)
Tired of typing out the same thing over again for stuff like:-

Define zombies
Zombies can be found along roadsides and around monuments.

Define pumpjacks
Public pumpjacks can be found next to the Power Plant, Train Yard & Water Treatment Plant.

As a suggestion for scourge servers at least 🙂

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7 hours ago, Postanou said:

It's because of trolls that there aren't more define auto texts. There was once upon a time, but a small minority is the reason we can't have nice things.

Ach, thats a shame but I can see why from the occasional attempted spamming of the reaction autotexts witnessed in chat. Still, Define Zombie would be a godsend (or a Deathsend)


6 hours ago, Jamesy said:

@olycat Nothing i can do buddy, thats all Death. 

Bugger. 🥦

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