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(US) Pure "Pure Blood"

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Offender: Pure Blood     Battlemetrics           Steam ID
Server: US Pure
Time: 10:55 PM
Length: Perm
Reason: Griefing

More Info (Optional): 

Player was first warned on 02/13/2022 for taking up and blocking off over 8 grids of land and a console warning explaining the build rules was issued.

The next warning to Pure Blood was on 02/24/2022 for entering another players base and removing LGF from that players mini. When an admin was called they immediately logged out still inside that players base. At that time another console warning was issued informing the player that entering bases through base exploits or uninvited and stealing/raiding from players, bases and modes of transport were all against the servers rules.

The next warning was on 04/22/2022 after Pure Blood removed numerous players bases and deployables that didn't belong to them. They were Informed that griefing, harassments, stealing and raiding of bases and players are all against the rules and bannable offences.  Pure Blood was Informed this is the final warning before a ban will be issued.

Tonight I noticed the player was once again removing base parts that didn't belong to them. I went over to talk to them but they ignored me and continued to pick up the contents of the box they just destroyed.

Pure Blood was given multiple chances to play in accordance with the servers rules and policies and decided instead to ignore all warnings, talks and PSA's. Pure Blood has a history of destroying and stealing the contents of other players base parts, deployables and contents without any regard to the multiple players progressions they have interfered with. 

Pure Blood's removal of the players base tonight and taking numerous base parts, deployables and contents for themselves after already being warned for doing this exact thing shows they have no intention of being a rule abiding member of our RustEZ community and a permanent ban was issued.



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