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I got banned for trolling at the end of the wipe, I get it I shouldn't have been trolling but I did. I'm sorry for trolling and placing the TC in the derby, I saw the TC get broke so I placed a new one thinking that was what they would want me to do, and I guess it wasn't. I am sorry for what I did, and I am just asking for an unban

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  • Staff

Your original Ban report can be found here: Ban Report

Thank you for partaking in our ban appeals process.

You were first warned on 05/17/2022 for accessing and taking items from a players inventory where you were informed of the server rules.
On 05/20/2022 you were warned against false reporting in order to get a player in trouble.
You were officially warned on 05/22/2022 for calling another player a homophobic slur and informed that such gameplay and talk is not tolerated on our servers.
You were also informed on 05/28/2022 that player disrespect and harassments were not allowed on our server.
On 05/29/2022 you were continuously shooting at a players mode of transportation and needed to be kicked with instruction to read the rules before rejoining. You were warned and told to refrain from harassing and toxic gameplay (including shooting at modes of transport). In that warning you were informed that you were given numerous chances and opportunity to adhere to the servers rules and be a rule abiding member of our community. You were told that this would be your last warning and ANY player harassments, griefing or any other rule infraction would result in a ban from our servers. 
I informed you this evening that it didn't matter how close to wipe we are that rules are rules. 
Our rules are in place to ensure the integrity of our servers stay intact and that players have a safe space to play away from the toxic gameplay, harassments and griefing that are found on so many other servers.
Your ban is just and will remain in place.
I truly hope you find a server that better suits your game play and gaming style.


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