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I will divide the appeal into parts.
1. TC grief were in first day of wipe and other player did it to me too. So that was a teritory war not a grief. And when he ask I removed tc but he builded closer to me.
2. I wasnt knew that it unacceptable. My neighbour placed ukrainian flag and as a joke i putted zelenskiy picture on my base as a joke. Here is picture: https://imgur.com/a/fOu0wtZ. When admin comes and he ask to remove it i removed it with no problems.
3. When i was moving with my friend to cargo. Random guy destroyed our ship and he got warn. After this I said him that I hate him (to player who destroyed my ship) and after this me and my friend got warn. But my friend didnt said anything. When we was trying to know why he got warn they said we will mute u if u continue. I continued talk but my friend not and he was silent. And mod gives me and my friend mute when my friend didnt said anything. After this I start being mad and angry and trying to know why my friend got warn and mute for no reason.
4. Why i cant say go fuck urself to guys who supporting killing civilians in my country? They are supporting genocide and i cant say them go fuck urself? Okay I sorry if i was rough with this "Go fuck urself".
5. I wasnt continued to harras other players. With other players we was having fun that i calling pookie bears ugly and that i will destroy pookie bears. We was just funnying. Later I asked isnt it pay to win that guy called 10 times heli with donate? And I start talk with admins about this. Later i said as a joke: Donate 10231 dollars for 1000x resourses and inf health. And we kiss ur ass. 
But as a joke. We was laughing at it with other players. But Jamesy think this is harras and bad and im the worst guy in this world and banned me. I think i got ban for no reason and im not deserve it

If i cant joke and make fun with other players. Then sorry i will not do it again i will be silent and just playing ur server.
Please unban me.

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  • Staff

Hello and thank you for your appeal.


1. The other player did not grief you, you placed a TC in a tiny gap between 2 already existing bases, you then proceeded to place TCs surrounding the players base, even after being told not to by an admin multiple times. 

2. You did reluctantly remove the sign, and even after it being explained to you by the Admin, you put more political signs on your other base. 

3. You didnt get a warn for saying "I hate him", you got a warn for your constant harassment, going on for quite some time, to that player, and towards multiple admins, no matter how many times you were asked to stop.

4. Again, political discussion is not welcome on the server, and players of all nationalities are welcome to play here, as long as they abide by the rules.

5. The players you continued to harass over how much they donate to the server, did not see it as a joke, and i can assure you of that. You said the same thing over and over throughout the day.

Taking all this, and much more into account, I will not be lifting your ban.

I hope you find a server that suits your playstyle and needs. 

EU Scourge Head Admin


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1. Yes he did. He started building closer to my so I puted more tc and when second players ask remove tc I removed it. And this 1 base was small and another one base was big. That base what was smaller started building after me. There are was space betwen us. When I moved base he instantly puted tc closer to my base then I start surrouding his base with tc and Cartmon comes and asked remove it then i said this situation and he ignored me and removed tc. There wasnt multiply times of asking.

2. Which one political sign I puted again on my base? I need proofs.

3. Constant Harrasment??? This guy ruined my game and wasted my time and he got warn. ofc i will try to know why he got only warn.
But u didnt answered me why my friend got warn and mute when he was silent?

4. Okay maybe u are right. Everyone just playing ok that was not allowed sorry.

5. Idc who didnt see this as a joke. none vip player was laughing and vip trying to said thats not. Over day? this is was in 20-30 minutes not over a day. And i wasnt spaming this is was discussion.

I need another admin to check my appeal. Bc i think u just hate me and u cant check it bc no matter what I say, you still reject appeal. 
I need another admin who will check my appeal. Not the admin who banned me.

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  • Staff

This ban is will be upheld, your actions are well documented and your comment when you were banned is against our 0 tolerance policy for harassment and that alone is grounds for removal from out community. This being said good luck in your future rust endearers and I truly hope you find a community that better fits your personality and play style. 

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