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Had a bad day that day. Come to play rust (ooF) to make it better. I got attack by bears on the road, and it glitched my through the map. Tried to revive myself, glitch me through the map again and lost more than 200k worth of net worth that I got by purchasing pump jacks. Got even more mad, went to the survival server… got attack by bears again and glitched through the map again. Now really mad, typed in chat what was the fastest way to get banned, cuz it felt like the bears were spawn intentionally. Chat said you VIP why you paid just to get banned… admin muted me. So I typed the Nono mord, was muted so no one saw but I did get banned. Bears don’t like me, 200k down the drain and muted by admin.

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Should really think about adding a faster way of banning people instead of racial slurs. It’s unfortunate that that was the fastest way I could remember how to get banned after the unfortunate events that happen that was out of my control. This way I don’t get judged as a troll/racist just because I was mad due to the multiple bear in one place the same time attack. Needed a quick way of venting. 

FYI it wasn’t just 1 bear it was multiple bears attacking me at the same time.

ignore the Ban Un Ban thing it you will but don’t ignore the underlying issues. TYTY!























or I could have just stopped playing for that day and just comeback later. (Inner monologue for private minds only)…

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That is the "E" in PVE,  Environment.  There  are lots of ways to die in PVE, bears, wolves, zombies, cold, hunger, scientists just to name a few.  Not sure why you would WANT to be banned just because you suffered some deaths and go to such lengths to achieve the ban, so you received what you wanted and not really sure what your point of this post was, but thank you for engaging in the appeal process, no matter what your end goal is, Good luck in your future Rust endeavors. 

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