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US Survival event: Art Conest!


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Art contest! 

Lay out your Rust art skills!

Join us on US Survival for the month long art event.

Drawing starts now and will go though the end of wipe.

Community voting opens up 6/11/22 and closes 6/27/22.

All skill levels welcome. No art discrimination!



No griefing

no /sil or Rustangelo

All server rules still apply to paintings as well



First place; $10 RustEZ store credit

Second place; $5 RustEZ store credit

Third place; 3 supply drops for July wipe

Admin pick; $5 Rustez store credit


How to join

Contact an admin in game whenever one is available. This is done to minimize greifing and to keep things fair.

Located on US Survival in P20, just west of outpost.


Hope to see your drawing soon!

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The winners are in!


First place goes to An_Easy_Target!




Second place goes to Nova!





Third place goes to Cricat!




Last but not least, admin pick goes to Cinnamon roll!






Thanks to everyone who showed off their drawing and came to look! Here below I will post all the drawings for everyone to see them in their beauty!

( The names will be left out just in case they want to be left anonymous)

2.thumb.jpg.1b10d8270a1717e80d20403ebf0e449e.jpg   1.thumb.jpg.647c6209771a42f40902b3cc5f507e0b.jpg


3.thumb.jpg.a0a56717fde9284d4330649d5c572934.jpg   4.thumb.jpg.00eea7db321ca32304225b87e78ce1fe.jpg


10.thumb.jpg.b072381ac4503b29169e545f88b5b417.jpg   13.thumb.jpg.4af538a2188c61453502f995f1c58587.jpg


14.thumb.jpg.17efc293e760f14365840da8a294f192.jpg    15.thumb.jpg.ecf098d095132244839982ffdabe3a67.jpg



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